Client Services Team

We offer research, development and engineering services that drive business growth through the commercialization of breakthrough materials, technologies, and services. Forty years of materials innovation serves as the foundation of our Client Services. Our efforts are guided by the needs of our clients and shaped by the expertise of our researchers.

Matt Heuft, Ph. D.

Business Development Manager

Matt is the Manager of Business Development for Client Services. His passion for using chemistry and materials to solve real-world problems is directed toward the development and commercialization of his clients' technologies. He is co-inventor on over 40 U.S. patents and patent applications and his work has helped to bring new organic photoreceptor materials, printed electronics materials and a coatings platform to market. Matt's technical training includes an Honours B. Sc. in Applied Chemistry from the Unversity of Waterloo, a Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ottawa, and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Anne Mulcahy Inventor Award for creating a strategically important IP portfolio. Matt joined XRCC in 2006.

Tom Enright

Manager, Process Engineering

Tom is Manager of the Process Engineering Area at XRCC. His group is responsible for developing, optimizing, and scaling up chemical processes for commercialization. They strive to design chemical processes that maximize sustainability and minimize manufacturing costs while meeting stringent quality targets. Tom received his B. Sc. (Engineering Chemistry) and Ph. D. (Chemical Engineering) from Queen's University. He joined XRCC in 1992.

Jennifer Belelie

Business Development Manager, Security Materials

Client Relationship Manager, Synthesis and Formulation

Jennifer leads security materials projects as part of the Client Services team. She began her career designing and synthesizing new molecules for inks, but soon broadened her expertise to include formulating functional materials. Jennifer received her B. Sc in chemistry from Brock University and her Ph. D. in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Waterloo. She joined XRCC in 2002.

Michelle Chrétien

Senior R&D Manager, Materials Science
Business Development Manager Formulation and Printing
Program and Product Manager, Electronic Materials

Michelle leads a group of scientists and engineers working on both fundamental and applied problems in materials science. Her group tackles challenges such as developing new materials and processes for 3D printing and printed/flexible electronics. Michelle received her B. Sc. in Chemistry from Dalhousie University and Ph. D. from the University of Ottawa. She has published 21 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and hold more than 65 US patents on novel materials and marking technologies. Michelle joined XRCC in 2007. 

Carolyn Moorlag

Senior R&D Manager

Carolyn manages the System Integration Area and leads the Digital Manufacturing Technology Platform at XRCC. The System Integration Area carries out the integration of custom materials into xerographic systems, and is responsible for new devices and systems design incorporating printed electronic and hybrid electronic components. Carolyn leads projects developing opportunities in digital manufacturing applications including polymers-based 3D printing. She has conducted materials development for a variety of next generation printing projects, and specializes in nanocomposite materials, surface coatings and interactions at interfaces. She is focused on developing technologies through cross-functional research projects for Xerox and external clients, and partnering with Universities and Government. Carolyn has MSc in Materials Engineering, and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, both from the University of British Columbia. She joined XRCC in 2006.

Karen Moffat

Senior R&D Manager, Analytical Services and Characterization

Karen leads a group of analytical and characterization chemists responsible for the evaluation of Xerox and external client materials. We work very closely with clients to develop new methods that generate data to answer their specific technical questions.  Karen began her career at XRCC designing new polymeric particles which lead into the design of various coloured particle composites for Xerox toner technology. Karen received her Ph.D degree in polymer chemistry from McMaster University. She has published 14 external publications and holds more than 136 US patents in polymer design and nanoparticle technology.  Karen joined XRCC in 1984. 

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