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We offer a portfolio of electronic materials products for a variety of different printing processes. All materials are produced in our facility and monitored to ensure lot-to-lot consistency. Xerox silver nanoparticle ink is based on proprietary silver nanoparticles designed and created at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada.

  • Silver nanoparticle inks
    • Piezo inkjet (PDF) >
    • Optomec ultrasonic Aerosol Jet® (PDF) >
    • Optomec pneumatic Aerosol Jet® (PDF) >
    • Flexographic and gravure (research samples) (PDF) >
  • Metal complex based inks
  • Semiconducting polymers
  • Organic dielectrics (PDF) >
  • Photoconductive pigments
  • Charge transport molecules and films

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Silver nanoparticles have very special thermal, visual and electronic elements, which can be used and developed into different product types from bio and chemical sensor features to photovoltaic products. Examples of these uses can be seen in every day products from silver pastes, silver printed electronicssilver ink, which incorporate silver nanoparticles (commonly known as silver nanoparticle ink) for their conductive properties that allows electronic currents to pass freely at very low temperatures. This product can also be applied to other applications such as cellular analysis and photo sensitive products that take full advantage of the Silver nanoparticles unique properties and conductive capabilities.

A new field this product is being used in is the medical products. Silver nanoparticles continually release a very small amount of 'silver ions' which helps protect against bacteria forming or building up on product surfaces and materials. Such products include medical devices (such as wound dressings / medical devices) through to everyday products such as keyboards and clothing.

Xerox Silver Nanoparticle Ink Benefits

  • Low annealing temperature (120 °C) enabled by small and uniform particles (8 nm ± 2 nm)
  • Benchmark resistivity: up to 1.5x bulk silver
  • Hydrocarbon-based ink vehicle
  • Customization available
  • Produced at kilo-scale in XRCC pilot plant with consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility

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