XRCC Timeline (1973 - 2015)


  • FWT MPU Case Study


  • Hit a record number of patents in a single year (178)
  • Joint R&D sales and marketing agreement with Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Celebrate 40th Anniversary


  • XRCC Moves to offer research, development, and engineering services to companies outside of Xerox. Client Service Business is born. 


  • Recipient of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Corporate Innovation Award for Emulsion Aggregation Toner Technology
  • Paul Smith becomes VP


  • Development: Overcoat for post-print applications


  • Development: Photopaper
  • Recipient, City of Mississauga Urban Design Awards – The Millennium Design Icon Award


  • In recognition of XRCC’s 10th anniversary, The Chemical Society of Canada devotes an entire issue of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry to papers authored by XRCC  scientists


  • XRCC begins sponsorship of the John C. Polanyi Award, administered by the Canadian Society for Chemistry


  • XR&T Women’s Council is created


  • Established an endowment fund to support in perpetuity the XRCC Undergraduate Scholarships and Graduate Awards in Chemistry at the University of Toronto


  • Development: Transparencies


  • Tony Paine heads to Japan for a six-month residency at the Fuji Xerox Centre in Takematsu. His primary focus was to study the chemistry of a novel photoactive molecule. Developed an exchange program


  • March 2, 1982, the first ever process is completed in the Pilot Plant: An Intermediate for a Photoreceptor Pigment.


  • XRCC begins to employ Industrial Research Fellows who are funded through Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC).


  • US3971334 Pundsack, Arnold L. Coating device
  • Laser Fingerprint Detection: XRCC scientists, in conjunction with OPP discover and develop fingerprint detection methods, later to be adopted by the OPP, FBI, and around the world
  • Co-op Student Program initiated


  • XRCC establishes the Best Work Term Report in Physics at the University of Waterloo Co-op program


  • XRCC is founded (Initial members begin work in June)


  • Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce Alistair Gillespie, Canadian government, recommends that all companies have some product creation presence in Canada. C. Peter McCollough, CEO of Xerox and Jack Goldman, head of research responded to this request and decided a research centre would create new business value in Canada. 

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