Sarah Vella

Sarah Vella is a Principal Scientist who joined XRCC in 2010. Her research has focused on the development of functional materials, as well as device fabrication, characterization, and validation for 3D printing and printed electronics. Sarah has led a number of project initiatives at XRCC including enabling technologies for photoreceptor overcoats and the development of a range of printable electronic inks. Sarah has also led and delivered a number of client projects related to printed electronic devices. She is currently leading one of the CCAMM projects with the NRC developing a sensing system using 3D printable piezoelectric materials. She is an author on 17 published articles and an inventor on over 50 US patents. Prior to joining XRCC, Sarah was an NSERC post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard University working for Prof. George M. Whitesides in materials science. Sarah received her Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Windsor, Canada, with Prof. Stephen J. Loeb studying supramolecular organic chemistry.