Nan-Xing Hu

Dr. Nan-Xing Hu is a Research Fellow with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC). Since joining the center in 1994, he has been conducting materials research for a range of industrial applications, including organic electronics, xerographic consumables, and more recently in clean energy. Nan-Xing is one of the most prolific inventors in Xerox, being a named inventor over 280 U.S. patents. His technical innovation has been recognized in many awards, including the prestigious XIG (Xerox Innovative Group) Excellence in Science and Technology Award in 2011 for successful implementation of long-life photoreceptor technologies, The Anne Mulcahy Inventor Award (the highest Xerox intellectual award named in honor of Xerox retired chairman and chief executive officer Anne Mulcahy) in 2010, and The Excellence in Science and Technology Award in 1995 for his innovations in the design of high performance OLED materials.

Nan-Xing received his B.Sc. in applied chemistry from East China University of Science and Technology (Shanghai, China) and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Hiroshima University (Japan).