Xerox Silver Nanoparticle Ink

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We offer a portfolio of electronic materials products for a variety of different printing processes. All materials are produced in our facility and monitored to ensure lot-to-lot consistency.

Xerox Silver Nanoparticle Ink

Xerox silver nanoparticle ink is based on proprietary silver nanoparticles designed and created at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada. These include:


  • Low annealing temperature (120 °C) enabled by small and uniform particles (8 nm ± 2 nm)
  • Benchmark resistivity: up to 3x bulk silver
  • Hydrocarbon-based ink vehicle
  • Produced at kilo-scale in XRCC pilot plant with consistent lot-to-lot reproducibility

Xerox UV Curable Dielectric 

The Xerox UV Curable Dielectric is compatible with solution-based coating and printing methods and cures within seconds upon exposure to LED UV light. This material has a dielectric constant suitable for use in a variety of electronics and printed electronics applications and is compatible with Xerox® Silver Nanoparticle Inks.


  • UV curable; 365 & 395 nm LED UV light
  • 100% solids, no solvent
  • Produces uniform coated films and printed traces
  • Enable reliable crossovers and embedded structural electronics
  • Available as clear or tinted material
  • Excellent latency in printhead

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