“Printing the Future” – XDLS 2013 Explores Breakthrough Printed Technologies

“What will be the nature of printing technologies in the future?” Will key technology required to advance future printing will be the development of printable materials, device fabrication, print equipment, or all of the above?  

For this year’s Xerox Distinguished Lecture Series at XRCC, Professors Jennifer Lewis (Harvard University) and Vladimir Bulovi? (MIT) were invited to discuss their research in printed structures and electronic devices. Prof. Lewis’s research at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University focuses on the directed assembly of soft, functional materials, including both materials and ink development and device fabrication from functional inks. Prof. Bulovi?’s work in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT includes the demonstration and commercialization of thin film printing techniques to produce electronic devices such as pixelated quantum dot LED’s, patterned molecular photovoltaics (PV’s), and large area MEMS arrays.

The XDLS 2013 lectures are available for viewing at: http://vimeopro.com/user11533499/xerox-research-centre-of-canada-distinguished-lecture-series

Xerox Distinguished Lecturer Series is an annual event sponsored by the Xerox Research Centre of Canada to promote excellence in the frontiers of chemistry, materials science and engineering in Canada. Recent Xerox Distinguished Lecturers:Prof. George M. Whitesides (2005); Prof. John A. Rogers (2006); Prof. Tom P. Russel (2007); Prof. C.J. Li & Prof. P.M. Ajayan (2008), Prof. Geoffrey W. Coates & Prof. Richard Wool (2009), Prof. Ray Baughman & Prof. Klavs Jensen (2010), Prof. Charles Lieber & Prof. Galen Stucky (2011), Prof. Zhenan Bao & Prof. Tom Mallouk (2012).