NRC-XRCC Business Alliance

What is it? 

The National Research Council's alliance with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada combines the expertise, facilities, and equipment of two research and innovation powerhouses – a Fortune 500 global research centre and Canada’s national labs – to provide joint innovation services. Enabling a ‘one-stop shop’ for many technical product development challenges, a wide array of services is available to help your customers navigate the commercialization “valley of death”. 

What's in it for you and your clients? 


  • A new solution/resource/offering to introduce to your clients
  • Expanded and reinvigorated conversations with clients
  • Increased value for you – larger playbook
  • Greater network of collaborative and business relationships

ITA Clients

  • À la carte ‘TRL uplift/de-risking’ services available – customized to each clients’ requirements
  • No need for internal capital investment – access what has already been built by NRC and XRCC
  • Deep expertise – exploit decades of experience in technology creation and commercialization – across entire TRL spectrum – make critical challenges ordinary challenges
  • Leverage size and network of the alliance to access unrealized resources and connections
  • Right-sized supply of materials and prototypes to enable cost-efficient MVP deployment and customer/market testing 

Where the Alliance can help

The Future of the Business Alliance

Plans are already in the works for creating a bright and successful future for the Business Alliance, including a hub for technology commercialization, a new NRC lab co-located with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, and the formation of an 'ecosystem' with NRC-XRCC, RIC Centre, and GreenCentre Canada


How does it work?

Our low-risk engagement process begins with a non-confidential discussion. This is followed by a confidential discussion. Next, a discussion document, or proposal, is prepared and refined. Finally, an agreement is drafted and executed. 

Got a client? Want to learn more?


Call: Matt Heuft | 905-823-7091 x 251

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