Process Engineering Facilities & Services

Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists have been commercializing new material processes for over forty years. To become a process engineering company you need a wide range of expertise from design, operational and biological, chemical and physical processes. 

With our facilities and services we can help you advance your material and process requirements through any stage of the development cycle – from concept to commercialization. 

Bench Engineering 

  • Design of custom chemical materials, reactors, and processes
  • Process intensification, conversion of batch to continuous processing
  • Sourcing of raw materials and development of specifications
  • Maximization of process/material sustainability
  • Process optimization for reproducibility and repeatability
  • Cost-down of new or existing materials or processes
  • Small scale sample supply

Pilot Plant

  • Prototype manufacturing process design
  • Fabrication of custom bench and pilot scale processing equipment
  • Demonstration of process manufacturability at pilot scale
  • Realistic determination of process yield, efficiency, and cycle time
  • Large scale sample supply
  • Materials supply

Pre-Manufacturing and Technology Transfer

  • Process economics and production cost estimates
  • Large scale vendor identification
  • Technology Transfer to vendor

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