Xerox Dielectric Coating Solution

Ref: xdi-dcs

Capacitance: 6 – 9 nF/cm2

Dielectric Constant: 3 – 5

Dielectric Strength: >1x108 V/m

Thickness After Cure: 400 – 600 nm

Surface Roughness: <10 nm="" p="">

Starting at: $400

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Xerox Dielectric Coating Solution
  • Solution coated dielectric with demonstrated performance in bottom-gate
  • organic thin film transistors
  • Coating solution yields thin, uniform films
  • Low surface roughness
  • Free of pinholes
Viscosity 8-10 cps
Surface Tension 24-25 mN/m
Solvent System organic
Solids Loading 12-13%
Cure (thermal under ambient) 140°C / 30 minutes

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