Security Materials Development

Materials Solutions for Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

Our team works closely with you to develop specialized security materials for your unique applications. Let us put our deep expertise to work for you to maximize performance and meet client requirements. We can support your project from R&D through to pilot-scale manufacturing – and every point in-between.

We know the security landscape and what’s important to your business. We can help you: 

  • Expand your product offering
  • Increase your accessibility to raw materials
  • Streamline scale-up and supply
  • Process economics and production-cost estimates

Information Security Safeguards 

As security solutions providers, we know that confidentiality and information security are paramount to your industry. All information provided by and to our clients, including project data and reports, is stored on restricted servers.


Organic Materials Design and Synthesis

  • Photochromic and fluorescent materials
  • Colorants (dyes and pigments)
  • Electronic materials
  • Specialty monomers
  • Polymer additives
  • Polymers with tunable properties (Tg,  Ts, crystallinity, viscosity)

Formulation Development

  • Specialty inks and coatings
  • Electronic inks
  • Particle design and dispersion
  • Micro- and nanoparticle / polymer composites 

Process Engineering

  • Optimization for process reproducibility
  • Proof of large-scale manufacturability
  • Raw materials sourcing and procurement

Materials Supply and Manufacturing

  • Grams to hundreds of kilogram quantities
  • Identification of manufacturing options and technology transfer

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